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    ????Technical Translation
    ????Publication Translation
    ????Website Translation
    ????Software Translation
    ????Subtitle Translation
    ????Translation Memory
    ????Consecutive Interpreting
    ????Conference Interpreting
    ????Technical Interpreting
    ????Business Interpreting?
    ????Website Localization
    ????Software Localization
    ????Multimedia Localization
    ????Game Localization
    ????Voiceover Localization
    ????Graphics Localization ??
    Desktop Publishing
    ????Multilingual DTP
    ????Multiformat DTP?
    Language Translation
    ????Chinese Simplified
    ????Chinese Traditional-HK
    ????Chinese Traditional-TW
    ??? Chinese Translation
    ??? English Translaion
    ????French Translation
    ??? German Translation
    ????Japanese Translation
    ????Russian Translation
    ??? Korean Translation
    ????Spanish Translation
    ????Italian Translation
    ????Swedish Translation
    Industy Translation
    ????Business translation
    ????Telecom translation
    ??? Chemistry translation
    ????Engineering translation
    ??? Manufacturing
    ????Medicine translation
    ????IT Translation
    ??? Financial
    ????Transportation trans
    ????Games Translation
    ???? More...
    ??→ Website Localization  

    ■About us Xinyitong Translation

    No matter what you think about it, the Internet is changing the world. The Web offers a superior business model for enterprises, and in order to remain competitive, " the bricks and mortar" businesses have to move their business to the Web.

    E-business has already spread to markets worldwide, and is expanding quickly, and companies must take globalization into account as they develop their e-business strategy. An increasing number of companies are realizing growing international revenues, and strengthening their relationships with customers worldwide by making globalization an integral part of their e-business strategy. The Internet and especially Web-based technologies have been changing business processes dramatically. Websites are a major marketing tool, and e-commerce provides new opportunities to sell to customers and communicate with business partners.

    Though English is the dominant Web language today, 43 percent of users in 1999 were non-English speakers, and this number is growing from year to year. By 2005, the number of non-English users will reach 70 percent, representing a total of 1 billion Web users.

    It is estimated that Chinese will be the largest Web language by 2007. Greater China - including mainland China, Taiwan, and Hongkong- will be one of the largest Internet markets with about 13.8 million Web users in Greater China in 1999, and a growth rate of 40 percent, just imagine the potential of China's huge population (1.289 billion), its high GDP growth rate of 7-8% per year(according to the World Bank), and the government 's reform and opening policy to radically reduce the barriers to do business . And since China has joined the WTO. Greater China is a potential goldmine for you. Please remember: "Chinesification" is an indispensable part of globalization.

    Creating a sustainable global website is the first and most crucial step in a globalization strategy. This involves much more than just translation. It is a complex process that involves project management, translation and review, quality assurance, in-time updates, and the reuse of previous content. All these may be done in an environment with multiple time zones, business practices and legal systems. And with more content being developed and needing to be localized, content management becomes increasingly complex.

    XINYITONG supplies website localization and content management services, to help customers turn their content (HTML, Dynamic Multimedia, Streaming Media and XML) into their Chinese customers' native language and culture, including mainland China, Taiwan, and Hongkong.In addition to linguistic and technical localization, we also provide services to help customers manage the content associated with Chinese. ?

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